At ResultsNOW Inc we dedicate ourselves to igniting higher performance effectiveness for individuals, teams and organizations. We are behavioral experts, and we train, coach and mentor people and companies to deliberately and sustainably perform.  Our Tools and Services are not available from any other educational organization in the world!  With Master Trainers, Coaches and Proprietary Systems we ignites deliberate shifts in any person desiring a boost to the next level of performance. 


We work with small to medium companies who are going through any transition, such as: consolidation, growth, merging or acquiring another company, building a sales team, succession of leadership or ownership or going through hyper-growth.


We work with individuals who are also experiencing a transition such as: building a business, changing roles, climbing the corporate ladder, preformance driven, personal development, or just wanting to have an edge on the competition.


Our technology is proven and built on the foundational research done by many bright minds throughout the country. See History page for more information on our evolution and research.


We are an 13-year old Alberta company serving clients across Canada and Globally 

Clients include Top 1,000 companies in Canada, including some of the 50 Best Managed, Best to Work For and Fastest Growing

We work with Small to Medium size companies.  Companies that need performance from their projects, people and processes.  Company that want to grow to the next level.

95% of organizations who go through our discovery process continue on to purchase our programs or services

84.3% of all our individual and corporate clients re-purchase additional programs or services

Your results are imortant to us - together with you, we track 5 key indicators, making sure our training impacts your key desired results and bottomline.


Free 1.5 hour Discovery Session - free to you, just call 1888-663-2047 to book your appointment today. Book a Discovery Session, our initial, no-charge assessment of any person, team or organization interested in behavioral, effectiveness and performance training systems which are proven to advance people skills, performance and results. Don’t waste months or years hoping for change – let us analyze your situation, propose solutions and stop the frustration. ResultsNOW will ignite you and your team(s) with instant traction and lasting returns on training time and investment, plus a Satisfaction Guarantee.


Please use the Nav-Bar to explore and appreciate: Who we are, What we do, How we do it, the Industries we serve and the Programs we offer. NOTE: Please consider the environment before requesting brochures or printing site pages, we are a Green Company and promote initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint. PDF versions are available for many pages, though you will need Adobe® Reader® to open, print or save documents to your computer. Or simply download our Corporate Profile PDF below.

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